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PhoneMac - Microphone Konftel 300/250 Set

Expand your Konftel 300's sound coverage!. Add these 2 expansion microphones to your Konftel 300, Konftel 250, Konftel 300IP conference phone to ensure superior sound quality during your conference. You'll increase your audio range, especially in larger conference rooms, so all participants sound crisp and clear!


  • Extend Up To 2.5m (~8ft) On Either Side Of Base Unit

  • Increase the range up to 750 sq ft.

    Extension capacity for larger rooms

    Expansion microphones effectively double the voice pickup range. You can also connect a wireless headset or connect the Konftel 300 to external loudspeakers and microphones (PA system).


    The Konftel 300 is future-proof. This is because you will always be able to upgrade the phone and add new, innovative features via our website.

      Advantages of the Konftel 300:
    • A new generation of OmniSound® audio technology.
    • USB connection for VoIP calls.
    • The line mode makes it easy for you to combine and switch between connectivity technologies (analogue, USB, GSM).
    • The conference guide makes it easy to set up multiparty calls.
    • Record and listen to your meetings with an SD memory card.
    • Optional expansion microphones can be added for larger conference rooms.
    • Optional wireless headset or PA system can be connected.
    • Can be upgraded with smart features, making it future-proof.

  • Ask a question about/Get a quote on this product
    • Model: KONFTELMIC
    • Manufactured by: Konftel
    • *Pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only, actual goods may vary.